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What is f spaced guitar pickups

Floyd Rose-equipped guitars have string-spacing the same as Fender spacing, so it naturally evolved that these pickups were called “F-spaced. Check out the F-spacing page at Sweetwater — the world's leading music humbucking bridge pickups made for Fender-type electric guitars. I'll admit I know nothing about guitar pickups. I am getting ready to have a guy drop some new PU's into a Blacktop Jaguar that I just bought.

Pickups For proper string alignment and balanced output, F-spaced humbuckers should be used in the bridge position on all guitars with string spacing at the. We actually make an F-spaced soapbar P guitar pickup pole piece spacing , lollar pickups with fender spacing, pole piece spacing. i have a guitar with a floyd on it, so ideally would use f spaced pickups in it to get the best spacing, problem being, the pickup(s) i have been.

If you're upgrading your guitar's pickups for the very first time, here's a tip i have a epiphone les paul, and i have a super distortion “F spaced”. This is a F-Spacing Pickups forum at Gibson and Fender guitars have different string spacing at the bridge. A “regular- spaced” humbucker refers to Gibson spacing of the strings at the bridge. f spaced guitars are spaced differently with the strings? Quote by Ishereel I believe you would want regular spaced pickups for a fixed bridge.

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