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What does moeuhane mean in hawaiian shirt

Hawaiian shirt definition: a colourful, boldly patterned short-sleeved shirt | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Hawaiian shirt definition, a short-sleeved, loose-fitting, open-collar shirt originally worn in Hawaii, Can You Translate These Famous Phrases From Emoji?. Hawaiian shirt definition: 1. a loose, informal shirt with colourful patterns on it 2. a loose, informal shirt with colorful patterns on it. Learn more.

In the Hawaiian language a consonant is always followed by a vowel which also means all Hawaiian words end in a vowel. Names and words are more easily pronounced . moe'uhane dream moku island mokulele airplane moana ocean. aka particle, meaning carefully, e.g., akaheie, go carefully. aka n. a aloha v. to love, have affection moeuhane n. a dream, a vision .. palule n. a shirt. The study of Hawaiian will help us obtain the spirit of the ancient Hawaiians, to understand the full meaning of their thoughts as expressed in this beautiful and palulp‒shirt Ua loaa ia'u kekahi moeuhane ano-e ma ka po nei. Ua noho .

The elements following the definition of each homonym are listed in the following order .. garment, array, attire, costume, mantle, gown; to put on or wear clothing, especially shirt, suit, Hikilele a?ela?o La?ie-i-ka-wai, he moe?uhane k?. Mau moe'uhane nahenahe There are a number of ways to say "sweet dreams" in Hawaiian. You could say "mana'o nahenahe." Mana'o means thoughts or. In the Hawaiian Islands, a long coarse grass, Andropogon contortus, used for thatching The oily kernel has an almond-like flavor and is eaten by the natives.

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