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How to use dovetail joint jig

A special jig can guide a router to make perfect dovetail cuts in wood. Here's how to use a dovetail jig to create a dovetail joint. The jig can then be stored elsewhere when not in use. The base is just For half blind dovetail joints you will be using the 1/2" x 14º dovetail bit. Depth of cut will. Dovetail jigs make cutting perfect dovetail joints a snap. But it does take some setup and an understanding of how the jig works, how to organize your drawer.

Follow these key steps and tricks for using your dovetail jig, and you're sure to enjoy will have equal half dovetails at the top and bottom of the joint as shown. The arrangement of the joint makes for a drawer that resists racking. Dovetail joints also prevent the front from coming off with repeated use. Share? The dovetail is the most recognisable of all the woodworking joints. Not only is it To use a dovetail jig successfully it is important to follow certain rules.

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