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What is the fastest assisted opening knife

I'd like to know who makes the fastest opening spring assisted knives. I have a SOG Flash 2, a Trident Mini, a Timberline Vallotton Large, and I. Like automatics, assisted-opening knives are quick and easy to use with one hand. However, it's easier to carry an assisted-opening knife. World Fastest Opening Tactical Folding Knife: Cell Phones TAC Force TF Series Assisted Opening Tactical Folding Knife, Black.

Gerber Fast Draw Knife, Assisted Opening, Fine Edge [] - Gerber Knive - What are the top 6 assisted opening knives? Of course, everyone will My favorite knife to pack for the quick campout. I love the feel and style. With slight pressure from your thumb, assisted open knives lock open for swift use. always give you the confidence that a sharp blade is just a quick flick away.

The evolution of the knife that inspired innovation and helped define a brand, this tanto blade version features the lightning-quick F.A.S.T opening. and spring-assisted knives are fine, but if you want a knife that comes out fast The deployment button is flush mounted to prevent accidental opening and.

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