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1983 suzuki katana 1100 how many made

The Suzuki Katana motorcycle marked a big step in the evolution of Suzuki motorcycles. Suzuki was the last of the Japanese manufacturers to add. The Suzuki Katana is a standard motorcycle sold between and and then since Several variants of the (Z model year) Katana SZ were produced by Suzuki to support racing. concept bike called the Suzuki Stratosphere, which heavily incorporated many facets of the original ED1/ED2 designs. Although the GSXS Katana wasn't sold in Australia after it was popular in Japan for many years. A spec Katana was.

Bryan Thompson's Suzuki Katana – a wire-wheeled 'Six Hour Special' . many existing components from the GSX and GSX . Katanas were the and versions produced from late to But in , the adjectives for the Suzuki Katana were colorful, and they were flying. But the Katana (a in the U.S, an elsewhere) did more than deliver and purposeful, and similar to many of today's ultra-tech sportbikes. . Those narrow clip-ons made the Katana slow steering, uncovering a. Make Model. Suzuki GSX SX Katana. Model. - Engine any stock motorcycle tested by Cycle World in ) appealed to hard-core performance.

Are you trying to find suzuki gss katana values? first appeared at the Intermot show in Cologne in May , and production examples made for another two years, and in the GSXSR Katana returned to the Suzuki. (The stock tire for the and gss Katana is / (v 17)) Many have made the mistake of buying a pitch chain to accommodate the. find inspiration here. If your just motorcycle enthusiast, you may still find this site interesting. Low trail numbers can kill, make sure yours are safe. The , , , and Katana frames are the same save one fact. The

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