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What is caret browsing ie8

Caret Browsing is a new feature introduced in Internet Explorer 8 and later. With this feature enabled, you can using the navigating keys on the. Caret Browsing was one of the unique feature of Internet Explorer, introduced in IE8, and which allows users to browse to a webpage by using. when i press function key F7 it says do you want to turn on caret browesing on? what is this? Internet Explorer 8; /; Windows 7 there is no change if i dont enable caret browsing den also i am able to use Home, End, Page.

Caret browsing is not enabled by default in Internet Explorer -- rather, you need to enable it manually. Press "F7" and, if prompted, click "Yes"; you can also click. Microsoft aims to make IE8 more accessible to disabled users with new UI Caret Browsing allows users to navigate a Web page using a. Although most of the navigation in Internet Explorer 8 is mainly performed using the mouse, caret browsing allows you to browse the Internet.

Caret Browsing is cool feature available in Internet Explorer from version 8 onwards. Rather than using a mouse to select text and move around. IE 8 allows us to use keyboard to navigate or select text in a web page using Caret browsing feature. This video tutorial is in the Computers & Programming category where you will learn how to use caret browsing. Caret browsing is a method of.

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