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How to glue pvc pipe underwater

They just pull out. Can I glue these while they are under around 4" of water? I'd prefer not to if the PVC glue will work underwater. I'd remove. There is no way that I know to do this, but I have some closed loop PVC pipes on the bottom of my display tank that I'ld love to cut, place a. PVC Cement - This mixture is medium-bodied and boasts excellent gap-filling qualities. PVC Cement is a fast-acting solvent cement designed to join PVC pipe and fittings. Can cure underwater. . Red Hot Blue Glue PVC Pipe Cement.

I'd like to try some type of pvc glue that would cure underwater and try to slather that aound the pipe and then add some tyoe of clamp aound. Mr. Sticky's® Underwater Glue is an amazing adhesive that can actually be applied Bond dissimilar materials together, such as plastic and metal pipe. Perfect. You wad it up really well in the pipe, only enough sticking out in the ell to pull it out when you're done. Glue won't stick to it. PVC glue disolves.

FWIW - I was using the 2-part standard PVC cement (purple primer plus glue). The new connection is dripping a drop or two every 10 seconds.

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