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How many miles per gallon prius

ft. of torque to give the Prius a little power. The Prius comes standard with front- wheel drive, which is better on gas mileage. This Prius can be. Get the facts about the gas mileage (MPG) and starting price (MSRP) for the Toyota Prius from the official Toyota site. Toyota's Prius Two: Getting 54 miles per gallon isn't even its best trait fuel economy, and the model comes standard with many of the.

We test the Toyota Prius Prime in a variety of conditions in a week and over miles to see what mpg and range it really gets. actually calculated total fuel economy for the week was mpg -- that's quite obviously much better than. I wondered about Prius MPG. I had read about the lawsuit against Honda for claiming the Hybrid Civic got more MPG than it really did. I wondered how much. How can I check to see how many miles per gallon that I'm getting? PRIUS PLUGIN Thanks.

When you are driving through the city, the Toyota Prius will get a whopping 54 miles per gallon. On the highway, you still get 50 miles per. Fuel Economy of the Toyota Prius. Compare the gas mileage and greenhouse gas emissions of the Toyota Prius side-by-side with other cars and. Toyota is doubling down on its plug-in Prius Prime — or at least doubling its mpgs, with a manufacturer-estimated MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent), the.

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