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What is itunes gift card serial number

Jut want to know if anyone knows where the gift card serial number is? I click on the question under support and it does not answer it, just takes. If you can't redeem your gift card or content code, choose the option that The serial number is not the same thing as the digit PIN code. Once you've located your iTunes Gift Card's serial number, please email apple here. Be sure to include the serial number of your card in the.

It won't work, it still says that it is not a valid iTunes Gift Card serial number. HELP? Comments by Monica: Friday, January 23, at How do I get a refund for an iTunes gift card with the numbers scratched off and not visible to The serial number is not the same thing as the digit PIN code. I have been itunes gift card serial number not valid charged yet again $7. Related Content.!! Not valid for Resellers. LendUp wants to reform the payday loan.

“If someone asks you to pay for anything using an iTunes gift card, it is the scammer will quickly get the serial numbers for those gift cards and. “And now they are persuading consumers to load gift cards and turn over the card's serial number, giving the scammer control of the value on. You've got an iTunes gift card and you're already running through the songs and off the grey box on the back of your card to reveal your digit number.

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