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How to break iphone 5s button

As others have said, it depends. The Home Button has had 2 major revisions ( that I am aware of) over the years, and I have owned phones using each of the. You're probably wondering why Apple even snuck this feature in there in the first place. It's almost like your home button was destined to break. Unlocking an iPhone now requires a physical press on the Home Button by default. However, there is a nifty setting to make the iPhone act.

Kevin Frayer/Getty Images There's an old rumor that iPhone home buttons break easily, and it's causing millions of people to use an obscure. In iOS 10, swipe to unlock is out, and 'Press Home button to unlock' is in. Here's how to change the unlock settings on your iPhone. My iPhone's Home button doesn't work any more. I have to press the Home button really hard to get it to respond, and sometimes even that.

Fix 3: Restore Your iPhone. Restoring your iPhone is the most common fix for your Home button lag. Alternative Fix: Your Jailbreak Options. For any jailbroken. This is pretty much how it worked in iOS 9, but if you're one of those users who wakes the screen using your power (i.e., Sleep/Wake) button. I have a hand me down iPhone 5s that is in good condition but I am really paranoid that my home button or any other button will break.

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